If you’re currently seeking a promotion within your current organisation, or at the very least have aspirations to climb the ladder in the not too distant future; then read on to find out how you can achieve this.

To become a manager you need to have certain traits. These personal attributes are essential and will be present in any successful manager or supervisor. Here are what we believe to be the 4 most important traits you need to demonstrate you are ready for a promotion.

Stay positive – roll with the punches 

A manager has to be positive and optimistic all the time, and when the going gets tough and something goes wrong, they should be the ones to look towards for guidance and a positive solution.

A positive attitude does not have to just come from your own boss, and this is something you need to display if you want to be considered for a promotion. Don’t be the one that people avoid in a stressful situation, and certainly don’t be the one that complains and fails to find a solution for a problem.

Instead, be the one that everyone looks up to and be seen as a role model in your department. Your positive attitude will help push through difficult times and will certainly help you get noticed when a higher position becomes available.

Never show your frustrations or anger

Following on from having a positive attitude, you should always think about how you react at work when something goes wrong. Are you someone who vents their frustrations in front of everybody, or are you able to keep your anger in check?

Although it’s not easy, you should always try to keep your negative emotions and thoughts to yourself. There will be times when someone in your team causes issues and maybe you don’t get along. But that doesn’t mean to say you should stoop down to their level. Rise above it and move on.

Be confident in yourself and your team

The confidence you have in your own abilities should shine through. Don’t be afraid to let others know that you can help and that you have the knowledge and the know-how to assist in times of need.

You should be the ‘go-to’ person when a problem needs solving, or when a project needs leading. Be careful however not to overdo your confidence so it falls into the classification of arrogance. Everyone around you needs to be able to place their trust in you at all times. Your confidence should be that indicator.

Be adaptable and flexible

If you stick around long enough in a business you will always see some kind of change. Ranging from big to small, those changes may or may not affect you. No matter which direction the business is heading you should always stay positive and flexible, offering your assistance with anything the company needs.

If your manager approaches you and asks if you would be happy to take on additional responsibility, you should accept and embrace those changes. A positive attitude and a willingness to adapt to the company’s wishes will help you get closer to a promotion.

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