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Month: January 2021

‘What are your weaknesses?’ – 4 things you must avoid in a job interview

One of the hardest questions you’ll be asked in a job interview is, ‘what are your weaknesses?’ This question undoubtedly strikes fear into the heart of even the bravest and…

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The ultimate top 5 CV tips

A Curriculum Vitae is the job seekers sales brochure. It should contain and showcase their best achievements, their top skills and qualifications, and a whole range of valuable work experience….

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8 job interview tips for success

Walking into a job interview with little or no preparation is a bit like entering the Olympics without training – you’re gonna lose. All the other candidates who have done…

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Writing a housekeeping CV

If you are looking for employment as a housekeeper, you may find writing an impressive housekeeping CV to be a challenge. Apart from helping you land an interview or lead…

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CV objective statement

Writing a CV is intimidating for everyone. Don’t worry you’re not alone. The CV is often the first contact a potential employer has with a job seeker. To be useful,…

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Objectives for your CV

Have you ever felt your CV isn’t getting the attention it truly deserves? Do you think it needs a much needed boost to land you the job you’ve always wanted?…

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How to build a CV

Believe it or not, the first hurdle your CV has to pass – whether it ends up in the “consider file” or the “reject list” – may take less than…

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