Writing a CV is intimidating for everyone. Don’t worry you’re not alone. The CV is often the first contact a potential employer has with a job seeker. To be useful, it must make a good impression immediately. The current practice of corporate personnel is to give each one a quick glance about 10 to 20 seconds, discard those that appear disorganized or too wordy and then file the rest. Want to give your CV a much needed boost? Perhaps your CV objective statement just requires a bit of overhaul.

While it is a common part of most CVs today, writing an effective CV objective statement can be very tough. It generally tells the reader that you have what it takes to land the job reasonably well. Do you want to take your CV objective statement further up a notch? Make sure you check out the following pointers to land your dream job in a snap:

What really is a CV objective statement? The CV objective statement is a concisely written declaration, which answers the question: why are you sending me a CV? You’re basically convincing the reader that you have the right skills and experience to handle the job. Always remember that there is no shortage of job seekers. A hiring manager will often read dozens, if not hundreds of CVs at a time.

How important is it? A CV objective statement can help you earn an interview and a possible acceptance from a hiring manager. The person screening CVs will often have a number of different positions that need to be filled. If it isn’t clear what your goals are, the screener may discard your CV without considering you for the specific job you seek. This is especially important if you are trying to break into a new career field or zoom in on a position you’ve always wished for.

How do you make a superb CV objective statement? One of the main problems people encounter when writing their CV objective statement is not being able to write a specific objective. Many CV objectives are too general or too vague. In order to be effective, an objective statement must be specific. Want to get in on the secrets of writing top-notch CV objective statements? Make sure you give our CVs templates a thorough once over right away to help you get started in a snap.